Mercury in Scoprio♏✨-1-12 December 2018✨🌺

Being activewitty perceptive* resourceful* determined* positive* inventive mind* great mental concentration* direct and to the point offend or please* say exactly what you feel refuse to mince words* Intuitive*** strong and capable* profound insights into real natureof peopleevents* dominate* strong emotional desires* sex* mystery * uncovering the stark truths* occult arts* Penetrated Mind*

Sun☀️✨ In Sagittarius*☘♐ 22 November-21 December 2018

Sagittarius Sun* boundless energyself-confidence is about being honest* straightforwardoutgoing idealisticscrupulously fair a vigor personality* sport*outdoor games love of travelopen-air tolerantphilosophical generousopen-hearted open horizons* optimistic* But* irresponsibly boisterous* carelesscapricious jump to conclusions easily* at the exremes* exaggerations* indulgence*

Full Moon In Gemini*✨✨♊ *23 November 2018🍁

  Full Moon in Geminion 23 November2018 at Pleiades* in early degrees of Gemini* carries a special significance* seems at odds* Uranus back to Aries* brings attention the pastwhat still needs to be resolved Full Moon square Mars* means repressed anger* violence* frustration* comes to surface There is danger when taking risks* or acting without... Continue Reading →

Jupiter In Sagittarius♐🍵8 November 2018-3 December 2019.🍁🍂

Planet Jupiter transits Sagittarius, from 9 November 2018 to 3 December 2019, A strong urge to move on, to improve, there is more freedom of movement, we accept and learn from other cultures in order to make the world a better place. Sagittarius is Fire sign and with Fire sign Jupiter in its home sign,... Continue Reading →

✨NewMoon✨🌙 in Scoprio ♏🦂-7 November 2018✨🍂🍁

November New Moon* at 15*Degrees,at fixed water star of Scorpio* Activity beneath the surface* subtle energies*subconscious motivation* suppressed emotions* Scorpio*New Moon trines*Neptune in Pisces* an *echo of Venus*Neptune. Focus on persnonal life* deeper* feelings* *good or bad* Getiing highs* *sink to the lows of life’s* roller-coaster ride* remember*write* experience*create*artwork  Venus conjunct Ceres nurturing*remains Venus Mars... Continue Reading →

🍁Mars in Pisces🐟🐟15 November-31 December 2018✨🌙

*Mars in Pisces🐟 assert yourself Being emotional*sensitive*unassuming* co-operative*cultured* humorous*refined* caring* Energy levels fluctuate* *day to day* *emotional state of mind. solitude necessary in order to Recharge energies* *A Spiriutal warrior*

Mercury in Sagittarius♐ 31 October*1 December*🍃❄

*Mercury in Sagittarius*    *A just*Honest*Generous* *Sincere Mind *Expansion*Enlightment* *Higher Intelligence* *Active Mentally* But Changeable* *Direct *Mental Power;  *Law*Religion* *Science*Medicine* *Literature*Philosophy *Intellectual Superiority  *Geniousness* ***A Touch Of Madness*** *Knowledge is Power* *Liberating* *Light Fights Darkness of Mind* *An Alchemist* *A Doorstep to*Ancient Wisdom* *A Cryptograph* *A Higher Revealation* *Life is Bliss* *Genious is Fire* *Inspiration*Breath*... Continue Reading →

Venus In Libra* ♎31 October* 2 December 🍁💖🌺

Scoprio is death* Scoprpio is Blood* nothing is easy But,Venus in Libra is atraction to the opposite sex* charm* social gracegood lookssocial ideals* affectionate nature *break down all barriers * Venus in Libra isromancemarriage. sacred union To a very marked degree emotions depend on sound *meaningful relationships * Be affectionatesensualromantic demonstrate intellectualsocial companionablequalities. seek harmonybalance... Continue Reading →

FullMoon🌕Taurus♉24* October*🍂🍁🍵

Full Moon Taurus*a certain grandeur***   traditionally exalted* Taurus relates*to security* good living*emphasis on comfort*α feel-good factor* Plentiness*well clothed Caring* ***Moon Meets Uranus*** a touch of innovation* eccentricity* “Unusual” Taurus-type behaviour  ***Uranus makes a mark***  division* Decisions have to be made *Protect he Earth* *Full Moon opposes Sun*Venus in Scorpio* *envy  will settle?with what feels... Continue Reading →

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